A Great Comeback by Dunstan Mangion during the Malta Drag Racing Championship

A spectacular return to the drag racing scene as Dunstan Mangion returned into the spotlight by clinching victory in the Open FWD category during the second round of the Malta Drag Racing Championship. After a year-long absence from competitive racing, Mangion made a triumphant comeback, dominating the 10-second bracket with his precision driving skills and a finely-tuned Glanza.

Following a hiatus that saw Mangion absent from the drag racing circuit for a year, his return to the track was eagerly anticipated. His absence only seemed to fuel his determination, as he reclaimed his position at the top of the leaderboard.

In the second round of the Malta Drag Racing Championship, Mangion showcased that he can still perform, storming to victory in the Open FWD category. His performance in the 10-second bracket was nothing short of exceptional.

Mangion expressed his gratitude to those who supported him throughout his journey. In particular, he thanked his wife, Tamara Mangion, for her support and encouragement. Additionally, Mangion extended his appreciation to his dedicated team members, including his cousin and friends. Furthermore, Mangion acknowledged the vital role played by his sponsor, Yana Bonello, whose support proved instrumental in his return to the drag strip.

Emerging victorious after a year-long absence, Mangion’s win not only cements his status as a formidable competitor but also signals his return to the forefront of drag racing in Malta.

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