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A Milestone Moment For Matteo Bartolo with Formula Predator

Matteo Bartolo’s First Foray into Single-Seater Racing

After three years in karting, ten-year-old Matteo Bartolo has achieved a significant milestone in his racing career by transitioning into single-seater racing. Recognizing his potential and passion, his team decided it was time for him to step up to Formula racing, beginning with Formula Predator.

Image credits: Academy For Winners

Last weekend’s experience is carved for eternity for Matteo as he embarked on this new chapter in Caserta, Italy. The first day was dedicated to acquainting him with the car’s features and safety protocols. Unlike go-karts, the Formula Predator boasts six gears operated by paddle shifters and requires a clutch system. Additionally, Matteo had to master various steering commands and manage engine temperature.

Despite these complexities, Matteo’s confidence showed from the start his will to succeed in this. His initial on-track session was impressive; he performed flawlessly and received positive feedback from both the academy’s coach and mechanic. This strong debut highlighted his adaptability and skill and a promising future.

Image credits: Academy For Winners

Over the weekend, Matteo’s confidence grew with every session. The persistent rain posed a challenge, but it also provided a valuable learning opportunity which in reality was an additional experience that he definitely needed. Under the coach’s guidance and with the help of onboard footage and videos, Matteo gained a deeper understanding of the car’s behaviour in wet conditions.

“At first I was really excited. I had to learn new things that I have never done before in karting, like managing gear shifts and using the clutch. There were a number of safety measures that I had to follow just in case of an emergency. But as soon as I started driving, I really felt comfortable and confident. I am looking forward for the next one.”, explained Matteo.

This milestone weekend has set a promising future in motorsport for Matteo. His performance not only showed that he’s capable of nurture his talent but also his potential to excel in Formula racing.

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A Milestone Moment For Matteo Bartolo with Formula Predator

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A Milestone Moment For Matteo Bartolo with Formula Predator

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