Andrea Fabri Faces Challenges in Round 2 of the Drift League GB

Andrea Fabri travelled to the UK to compete in the second round of the Drift League GB, held at the 3 sisters circuit.

Arriving in the UK on Friday without wasting no time ensuring his car was in optimal condition before hitting the track. Despite the rainy weather greeting him, Fabri did his utmost to get accustomed to wet conditions. Although he practiced in the rain before, driving in varying levels of grip around the track posed a unique challenge.

Qualifying with 67 points, Fabri acknowledged it wasn’t his best score but remained optimistic while Saturday’s practice sessions under dry conditions saw Fabri deliver his best runs yet. However, starting with a lower qualification meant facing off against some of the most seasoned competitors, though fortune favored him with a bye run due to mechanical issues faced by his opponent.

As the competition progressed into the Top 16, Fabri encountered unforeseen hurdles when his engine experienced a power loss after the first chase, forcing him to retire prematurely.

In addition to his real-world endeavours, Fabri has been actively engaging in the virtual drifting world, recently sharing a video featuring his virtual Enemed Supra. This dual commitment not only allows him to promote his sponsors but also serves as valuable practice for upcoming real-life competitions.

Andrea Fabri Faces Challenges in Round 2 of the Drift League GB

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