Anonymous Dragster Shatters Records with Sub-6 Second Pass

The Anonymous dragster team achieved the desired sub-6 second pass during the FuelTech Malta Mayhem Event which happened last weekend. Their five-year odyssey ended in a remarkable achievement that reverberates throughout the racing community.

The team’s goal from the start was audacious: build a rail capable of routinely running 5-second quarter-mile passes. Despite various obstacles along the way, including technological difficulties and times of doubt, the team stayed steadfast in their pursuit of perfection. They persisted in their ambition with the support from partners, family, friends, and their loyal team.

The Anonymous dragster debuted three years ago, with a powerful 2JZ engine, Liberty gearbox, precise turbo and a full FuelTech control system. The shakedown pass hinted at the dragster’s potential, and as time passed, its performance improved dramatically. With each run, their quarter-mile times dropped, demonstrating not only speed but also exceptional consistency.

On Sunday, after countless 6.0 passes, they took to the track for one final run and the results were electrifying with a blazing 5.995-second pass at 225 mph. It was a watershed moment, validating years of dedication.

However, this success does not mark the end, but rather the beginning of a new chapter. With their sights set on the MDRA’s November finals, the team promises to push even further, hoping to dig even further into the 5-second area.

The team expresses profound gratitude to major contributors such as Matthew from Grampun Chassis Works, the entire team at Tony’s Engineering, FuelTech, and their committed crew. Their combined efforts and knowledge have been critical in achieving this historic milestone.

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