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Anticipation Builds for The 6th Round of the Malta Motocross Championship

The 6th round of the Malta Motocross Championship is set to take place tomorrow at the ASMK track in Ta’ Qali, starting at 9:00 AM. This penultimate round promises more competitive races and intense competition, with the added excitement of Italian riders joining the fray. The points earned in this round will also count towards the prestigious Malta/Sicily Championship, adding an extra layer of intensity to the races.

The Malta Motocross Championship is nearing its climax, with riders gearing up for the 6th out of 7 rounds. The ASMK track will be the battleground where Malta’s top motocross talents will compete against skilled Italian riders. Spectators can expect a day filled with plenty of action and intense races all competing to win the championship.

As the competition heats up, here are the standings after the 5th round across the various categories:

Category A (Fastest Category)

  1. Kyle Camilleri
  2. David Dimech
  3. Brian Borg

Category B

  1. Chris Falzon
  2. Jack Azzopardi
  3. Alexander Kesei

Category Veterans (Over 40)

  1. Jonathan Borg
  2. Arthur Micallef
  3. Jethro Sant

Category Juniors

  1. Zden Cortis
  2. Ike Zarb
  3. Isaac Borg

Tomorrow’s races are expected to be fiercely competitive, with riders eager to earn crucial points ahead of the final round. The inclusion of Italian riders will add a dynamic international element, pushing local talents to their limits. Fans are encouraged to arrive early to secure the best viewing spots and experience the full day of motocross excitement.

As the Malta Motocross Championship moves towards its final stages, the 6th round is set to be a great round. With top riders from Malta and Italy competing for glory, spectators can look forward to a day of motocross action.

Anticipation Builds for The 6th Round of the Malta Motocross Championship

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