ASMK Hosts Small Car Demolition Derby in Ta’ Qali

The ASMK Sports Complex in Ta’ Qali is set to host the eagerly anticipated Mini Car Demolition Derby 2024 on the 5th of May. With a staggering 70 participants, fans can expect nothing short of action as these vehicles are ready for demolition.

The event will see the contenders divided into two separate derbies, each promising its own brand of automotive carnage. The first derby is scheduled to kick off at 14:00, while the second promises to ramp up the excitement at 16:00, ensuring a full afternoon of destruction.

For those unfamiliar with the concept, a demolition derby is a motorsport event where drivers ram their vehicles into one another until only one car remains operational. It’s a test of both driving skill and the durability of the vehicles, as participants navigate the chaos while aiming to outlast and outmaneuver their rivals.

Don’t let the size of these cars fool you, what they lack in stature, they more than make up for in providing a show. Spectators can look forward to a display of these competitors navigate the area, trading blows and dodging collisions in a bid to win their category.

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