Ayrton Jon Tonna: A Maltese Rising Star Dominates the Tracks in 2023

2023 proved to be a remarkable year for young Maltese talent Ayrton Jon Tonna. Making his debut in the GR3 mini 60 category at La Reve track Malta, Tonna showcased his determination by clinching victory despite being the youngest contender on the grid.

In February, Tonna embarked on a new chapter of his racing journey in Sicily. Competing in the ACI Coppa Italia Zona 8 Championship, he emerged as the sole Maltese representative among twelve Sicilian drivers, ultimately seizing the top spot in the race. Each race brought its own set of challenges, from navigating six diverse tracks to adapting to changing weather conditions and varying setups. By the seventh round of the championship, he secured the title of Champion in the GR3 under 10 category, showcasing his consistency and skill.

Following the championship triumph, Tonna received a prestigious invitation to represent Sicily at the Circuito del Sele in Battipaglia. Going up against eighteen other drivers, each a champion from different regions of Italy, Tonna showcased his talent once again, finishing a commendable eighth in his maiden race on Italian soil.

Throughout 2023, Tonna proudly flew the Maltese flag on the podium, securing podium finishes in ten out of eleven races. His stellar performances didn’t go unnoticed, earning him praise and admiration from fellow competitors.

The momentum continued into 2024, with Tonna’s success transcending karting circuits. At the Karting Sicilia presentation in January, he not only clinched the Championship in the GR3 Under 10 category but also impressed by securing fourth place among 165 track drivers and fourth overall out of 383 Sicilian drivers.

Recently, Tonna was honored at the ACI Campioni dell’ Automobilismo Premiazione 2023 in Taormina, where he was introduced as ‘Ayrton Jon Tonna il pilota da Malta.’ The event served as a platform to celebrate his achievements and receive commendations from peers, further solidifying his status as a rising star in the motorsport community.

Looking ahead to 2024, Tonna is set to another season, with the first championship race at Mellili already underway and the second round scheduled this week at Triscina. With his talent, determination, support and sponsors alike, Ayrton Jon Tonna continues to move forward towards greatness in motorsport.