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Ayrton Tonna Competing at Val Vibrata with Iconic DAP Kart

The 3rd Round of the ACI Karting Italian Championship

Motorsport enthusiasts, especially those who idolize the legendary Ayrton Senna, will find a special thrill in the upcoming 3rd round of the ACI Karting Italian Championship at Kartodromo Val Vibrata. Maltese karting sensation Ayrton Tonna is set to compete, marking a significant milestone in his career as he races for the first time with a DAP Kart.

For those familiar with the rich history of karting, the DAP brand stands out as a significant name. Originating from the Parrilla family, DAP was a prominent producer of chassis and engines during the 1970s and 1980s. This brand has played a crucial role in karting, with legends like Ayrton Senna and Terry Fullerton making their mark using DAP karts. The prestige of DAP is evident, as demonstrated by the DAP/DAP kart driven by Senna in the 1981 World Championship in Parma, which fetched nearly €60,000 at auction several years ago.

Ayrton Tonna’s excitement is palpable as he gears up for this significant event. Reflecting on a cherished memory from 2019, Tonna shared his visit to the Ayrton Senna museum, where he saw Senna’s original DAP kart. “Another wish came true,” Tonna expressed with enthusiasm. “I am very happy that finally I will be driving a DAP.”

Tonna’s preparation for the championship has been rigorous. He took to the track yesterday for a day of free practice, familiarizing himself with the DAP Kart and fine-tuning his performance. His focus now shifts to today’s schedule, which includes morning practice sessions followed by afternoon qualifying rounds that will set the stage for tomorrow’s races.

Ayrton Tonna Competing at Val Vibrata with Iconic DAP Kart

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