Ayrton Tonna Competing in ACI Italian Championship 2024 with KidiX Driver’s Performance Team

Ayrton Jon Tonna, the Maltese karting prodigy, is poised for an other journey as he sets his sights on the ACI Italian Championship 2024. Following his triumphant campaign last year, Ayrton is now gearing up for a more formidable challenge on the national stage.

This year’s championship comprises five races across renowned circuits: Triscina, La Conca, Val Vibrata, Sarno, and Lonato. Each circuit presents its uniqueness, and strategic nuances.

Adding to the anticipation is Ayrton’s recent alliance with the esteemed KidiX Driver’s Performance Team. Just a week ago, Ayrton made the strategic decision to join forces with KidiX, a move that underscores his ambition and commitment to reaching the pinnacle of his sport. Notably, this partnership also marks a significant transition as Ayrton embraces the Kart Republic brand, signaling his readiness to embrace new challenges and push the boundaries of his potential. Competing in the Gr3 under 10 category, Ayrton finds himself amidst a field of 24 talented drivers.

Today marks the commencement of the championship, with free practice sessions offering Ayrton and his competitors valuable track time to fine-tune their skills and familiarize themselves with the circuit’s intricacies. Later in the afternoon, the intensity escalates with the official practice and qualifying rounds.

Saturday, the real action unfolds as Ayrton and his peers take to the track for two races. With each race serving as a stepping stone towards Sunday’s final showdown, Ayrton understands the importance of maintaining focus, consistency, and composure under pressure.

The support of his fellow Maltese compatriots echoes across the circuits, inspiring him to push beyond his limits and chase his dreams.

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