Behind the Wheel: Meet Benjamin Westwood

Kicking off The Heroes Beyond the Track Series with an exclusive interview featuring none other than Benjamin Westwood, a true driving force in the world of motorsport!

Congratulations, Benjamin, on your incredible victory at the ROK Winter Trophy! How does it feel to secure first place in such a prestigious event at just 11 years old?

It feels good to start the 2024 racing year on such a high note.

You faced some challenges during qualifying with engine problems, yet you managed to climb an impressive 14 places to win the final race. Can you walk us through how you maintained focus and overcame these obstacles?

Yes, my engine wasn’t strong at all for quali, which really set me back in the heats, starting from 18th place each time, i managed to gain a few places for the start of the final, starting at P14, i felt the pressure but i knew i was a fast driver and I could make it to the top, so in my mind i just wanted to go for it.

Winning against 44 other drivers in the mini category is a remarkable feat. What was going through your mind as you crossed the finish line in first place?

I was screaming with excitement as I rushed into the pits to meet my mechanic Kevin and head of the team Gian Cavaciutti.

Could you share some insights into your preparation leading up to the ROK Winter Trophy?

We had 2 days of practice before the race in Lonato South Garda, although it was raining, this is where we could tell that I was fast on the track.

Representing Malta on an international stage must come with immense pressure. How did you manage to stay composed and perform at such a high level amidst tough competition?

Karting is my passion and hobby, I don’t feel the pressure so much, only little before the race stars, once the green light goes, I’m fearless and focused on doing the best I can to reach the best results without getting kicked off the track. The competition level is very high and if you are not careful in just 1 seconds they will ruin your race.

Your victory serves as an inspiration to aspiring young drivers. What advice would you give to other karting enthusiasts looking to follow in your footsteps?

Practice, practice, practice and follow your dreams.

We understand you race for the KPL Racing Team. How has their support and guidance influenced your racing career?

I’m a driver for KPL Racing in Malta, which is where it all started. However in Italy I’m a team driver for GP Racing Italy and I’m managed by Minardi management team, between them they decide the best way forward for me.

Looking ahead, what are your aspirations for the future? Are there any specific races or championships you’re targeting next?

We are targeting the WSK in 2024 and possibly even moving categories.

Lastly, is there anyone you’d like to dedicate this historic win to, or any special thanks you’d like to extend to your supporters, sponsors, or team members?

I would like to thank Gian Cavaciutti for believing in me and giving me this opportunity to race for his team in Italy, Minardi for all his support, my family for making this possible, and my sponsors Visit Malta & The Village Hotel.

With this victory under your belt, what can we expect from Benjamin Westwood in the upcoming races?

My next goal is to try and win in the junior category, which I will be moving to very soon. This is a step up and a completely competitive level.