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Benjamin Piscopo’s Journey at ACI Italian Karting Championship

Benjamin Piscopo, showed great potential at the 3rd round of the ACI Italian Karting Championship in Val Vibrata. Despite early setbacks, Piscopo made significant progress throughout the event.

The weekend started on a challenging note, with Piscopo struggling in the initial practice sessions. Nevertheless, he and his team focused on improving their performance, which gradually showed results.

In the qualifying session, Piscopo secured the 22nd position. Though not ideal, he strategically aimed to climb the ranks during the heats. In Heat 1, he moved up five places to finish 17th, followed by another solid run in Heat 2, finishing 15th.

Final 1 showed Piscopo’s pace as he advanced to finish 16th. His performance shone through even more in Final 2. Starting strong, Piscopo climbed to 12th but, after an unfortunate collision, ended up 21st. Despite the setback, his overall performance was commendable and highlighted his growing skills.

Reflecting on the race, Piscopo said, “We’ll analyze what went wrong and focus on improving for the upcoming races. I’m looking forward to the next challenge at the WSK race in Franciacorta.”

The upcoming WSK event will be tough as Piscopo will miss the first two practice days due to exams, starting directly with qualifying on Friday. Despite the challenge, he remains optimistic. “It’s going to be tough, but we’ll give it our best shot,” he said.

Benjamin Piscopo’s performance at Val Vibrata shows another potential of a young Maltese karting driver in International competition.

Benjamin Piscopo’s Journey at ACI Italian Karting Championship

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