Briggs Kart Championship Malta Entry-Level Racing Series for Karting Enthusiasts

The Briggs Kart Championship promises a competitive experience for both seasoned racers and newcomers alike. Hosted at the La Reve kart race track in Hal Far, Malta, this championship is set to boost entry-level karting with its unique format and emphasis on affordability and accessibility.

The brainchild of R33 Racing – CRG Malta, the Briggs Kart Championship is centered around the CRG FS4 karts, each equipped with the reliable 4-stroke Briggs & Stratton 206 engine. Designed to cater to a wide range of age groups, from youngsters as young as 7 to adults, the championship boasts four distinct categories: MINI, JUNIOR, SENIOR, and MASTER.

One of the standout features of this championship is its commitment to minimizing costs without compromising on the thrill of competition. Every aspect of the project, from product design to competition format, has been meticulously crafted to keep expenses low while fostering a highly competitive environment.

The FS4 kart strikes the perfect balance between performance and affordability, featuring a CRG racing chassis and Vega tires. With its high reliability and user-friendly design, the kart requires minimal maintenance and can be operated on the track without the need for extensive technical assistance.

In a bid to make racing more accessible, the championship adopts a single-day race format, reducing logistical and financial burdens for participants. Moreover, the scoring system, managed at a national level by the promoter, ensures that drivers can compete in races closest to their location and experience level, without the need for extensive travel.

The heart of the championship lies in its competitive program, which culminates in the Finals race of the Briggs Kart Championship in Italy. Here, the best drivers from each national championship gather to showcase their skills on an international stage, further elevating the excitement and prestige of the sport.

With the ranking management system updated in real-time, drivers can track their progress and vie for the coveted title of Briggs Kart Malta Champion. Additionally, top performers in each category earn automatic entry to the Finals race in Italy, adding an extra layer of incentive for competitors.

The Briggs Kart Championship is not just a racing series, it’s a community-driven initiative aimed at nurturing talent and fostering a love for karting. With the full collaboration of the Island Karting Club this championship promises to be a go-to experience for participants and spectators alike.

For those interested in joining the action or learning more about the regulations, inquiries can be directed to r33racingteam@gmail.com.

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