Christian Azzopardi Continues His Winning Streak Through the Hills of Bahrija

Despite the challenging force 8 windy conditions, hill climb cars echoed through the hills of Bahrija as the competitors of the Malta National Hill Climb Championship blazed through the hill. Amidst the gusty winds, one name shone bright yet again, Christian Azzopardi, who clinched victory for the second time.

Azzopardi’s exceptional performance secured him the top spot once more, reaffirming his dominance in the championship. With a lightning-fast time of 35.755 seconds, he’s putting a mark on his well prepared car and determination to win the championship, yet still more rounds to be held.

The podium was not easily claimed, as Terence Vella emerged as a formidable challenger, finishing closely behind Azzopardi with a commendable time of 36.095 seconds. The battle for the podium intensified further with Mark Micallef securing third place with a time of 36.903 seconds. Not far behind, Jean Vella, with his less powerful Jedi, proved to be a relentless force, clocking in at 37.131 seconds, keeping the competition fierce till the very end.

The excitement didn’t end with the overall winners; the category champions, Sascha Blanco dominated the RWD category with a time of 42.670 seconds, while Didier Bugeja reigned supreme in the FWD category with an impressive time of 40.862 seconds. Joseph Calleja in the 4WD category, clocking in at 43.049 seconds. Roberto Gauci claimed the title of the Fastest Classic with a time of 46.212 seconds, while Sascha Blanco secured the Fastest Street Car title. Whitney Hili impressed as the Fastest Female Driver, posting a time of 55.238 seconds. David Grech claimed the Fastest +60 title with a time of 44.985 seconds, while Nicholas Micallef demonstrated the Fastest Under 25 with a time of 43.727 seconds. Guest Class champion Craig Pace made his mark with a time of 48.648 seconds.

The success of the event wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication and tireless efforts of the committee, marshals, nurses, helpers, and all involved. Their continuous commitment ensured that the event ran smoothly, providing an experience for participants and spectators alike.

As the the third round is over, all eyes now turn to the upcoming rounds of the Malta National Hill Climb Championship. With Azzopardi, Vella, and Micallef locked in a fierce battle for the coveted title of National Hill Climb Champion 2024, anticipation runs high for the rounds yet to come.

Photos credit to LJ Automotive Photography

Christian Azzopardi Continues His Winning Streak Through the Hills of Bahrija

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