Claire Marie Azzopardi Celebrates Melo Zammit’s Autocross Comeback

Claire Marie Azzopardi sent a heartfelt message on Facebook to congratulate her husband Melo Zammit’s victorious return to the autocross circuit. Zammit, a well-known figure in the Maltese autocross scene, had a strong comeback, impressing both spectators and fellow racers.

Azzopardi’s message was full of pleasure and appreciation for her husband’s accomplishments, showcasing his great competence behind the wheel. “Well done babe on your debut back onto the track” she said, noting Zammit’s extraordinary achievement of finishing first in his very first heat. The statement emphasised the timeless aspect of earned expertise: “Yesterday, you demonstrated that the skills you acquire, never go away.”

Despite encountering hurdles throughout the day, including a disappointing finals result, Zammit’s driving ability remained obvious. Azzopardi applauded his steadfast energy, stating, “The driving shows that the boss is still there.” The supporting mood went beyond the track, with special mention made to their son, Morgan Zammit, who was intensely immersed in the competition with his father. “We are very proud of you, especially Morgan who was engulfed in the competition as much as you.”

Recognising the joint effort that powered Zammit’s return, Azzopardi thanked those who played key roles in his success. Brian Azzopardi, dubbed the helper of the day, and the entire Zanu racing crew were acknowledged for their unflinching support. Christian Mark Galea and Rodrick Debono iz-Zanu received special recognition from Azzopardi for their key contributions in reigniting Zammit’s racing passion: “Thank you for believing in Melo and rekindling his light, you are a true friend.”

Claire Marie Azzopardi Celebrates Melo Zammit’s Autocross Comeback

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Claire Marie Azzopardi Celebrates Melo Zammit’s Autocross Comeback

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