Clayton Johnson Sprints to Victory in FuelTech Mayhem Event

At the FuelTech Mayhem event, one name shot over the track at a dizzying speed, that is Clayton Johnson.

Johnson made an absolutely amazing performance in the second round, riding his street-legal starlet, driven by an unyielding will to push it to the limit as he set out on a mission for success.

Johnson’s starlet launched through the quarter-mile in a blistering 9.70 seconds, hurtling towards the finish line at an astounding speed of 149 mph. While mere milliseconds shy of his personal best, the run was more than enough to clinch victory in the competitive Open FWD 9.0 class.

Johnson revelled in his accomplishment, which was made possible by the innumerable hours of hard work and the steadfast support of his teammates and supporters. He acknowledged the critical role his support system played and conveyed his sincere gratitude to his family, friends, and teammates whose unshakable faith in him carried him through. Every input, from Christian Azzopardi of MadMax Autocentre for fine-tuning his machine to his father Ernest Johnson, whose experience guided the engine build, to the specialists at Zisco Pro, was crucial to his success.

In addition to Johnson’s son Jan Johnson, whose steadfast support was a continual source of encouragement, and his fiancée Abigail Delia, special recognition was given to Justin Bugeja and Joseph Bianco for their crucial assistance. Johnson expressed his sincere gratitude to his mother, Grace Johnson, and everyone who supported him, stressing their crucial part in his successful outcome.

Photo credits: DLP Automotive

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