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Delcine Galea Faces Challenges at FIA Karting Championship in Slovakia

Delcine Galea, a promising young karting talent, competed in the FIA Karting Championship held in Slovakia last weekend. Despite a week filled with highs and lows, Galea’s performance offered glimpses of her potential.

The week began on a competitive note, with Galea securing a commendable 14th place in the testing sessions. Her performance demonstrated the significant progress she had made, although it was clear that further work was needed on both her kart and coaching strategies to climb higher in the rankings.

Friday’s qualifying session started on a positive note, with Galea showing competitive speed. However, her session ended with a setback as she finished in 20th place. A post-qualifying weigh-in revealed that her kart was 400 grams under the minimum weight limit, leading to disqualification. The weight discrepancy was attributed to weight loss throughout the day.

The heats presented further difficulties. Starting from the last position in each heat, Galea faced an uphill battle. In the first heat, she inadvertently pushed another driver off track, resulting in an 8-second penalty, 3 seconds for the bumper infraction and 5 seconds from the stewards’ decision.

“Given the tight competition, where the gap between the first and last positions was just one second, the penalty had a devastating impact,” explained Charles Galea, her father.

The second heat brought wet conditions, which initially played to Galea’s strengths. Unfortunately, an overtaking maneuver by another driver caused her to spin off the track, resulting in a DNF.

In the third and final heat, Galea showed improved pace and competitiveness. Despite her efforts, the 10-lap race duration was insufficient for her to climb through the ranks and secure a place in the final.

In preparation for the event, Galea trained with Formula Medicine, focusing on physical exercises and reaction training. This intensive regimen aimed to enhance her physical fitness and sharpen her reflexes, crucial for the demanding nature of karting, including simulation training at World Pro Racing.

While the penalties and resulting positions were disappointing, the team is focusing on the positives. The lessons learned and the experience gained from this challenging event are being channeled into preparations for the next competition. Galea and her team are setting their sights on the upcoming event in Sweden, scheduled from August 1st to 4th, 2024, at Asum Ring.

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