Didier Bugeja Well Performs in Bahrija with His Peugeot Pocket Rocket

In Maltese hill climb, one name has been consistently making waves for quite a long time, he can consider himself a veteran in local hill climb, Didier Bugeja. Behind the wheel of his ever-evolving Peugeot, Bugeja has become a fan favourite, captivating audiences with the raw power of his 1600cc pocket rocket.

The popularity of the Peugeot 106, equipped with a 1600cc engine, in hill climb competitions is evident not only in Malta but also in various countries around the world. Its agility and power make it a formidable contender on the challenging hill climb circuits.

The recent conclusion of the third round of the Malta National Hill Climb Championship saw Bugeja once again asserting his dominance on the track. Racing for the first time in Bahrija, Bugeja clinched an impressive 1st place in group 3 class 1, securing the top spot in the front-wheel-drive category and among saloons. His stellar performance also earned him a remarkable 5th place overall.

Bugeja expressed gratitude to his dedicated team, particularly his mechanic and tuner, Vincent Fenech. Fenech’s expertise played a crucial role in enhancing the performance of Bugeja’s Peugeot, propelling him to victory. Bugeja also extended his appreciation to the sponsors who have supported his journey, including Triple3 Signs, Buzu Garage, Venom Concepts, JCN Weld, and Fabrication Ivan Paul Deidun. Their contributions have been instrumental in crafting a competitive machine capable of challenging even the open wheelers on the podium.

Notably, Bugeja made sure to acknowledge the support of his loving family, including his wife and young son, Kimi, who is already making waves as an upcoming karting driver. Additionally, he expressed gratitude to his main sponsors, Snow White Meat & Poultry Market, whose support has been indispensable in fuelling his racing ambitions.

Didier Bugeja Well Performs in Bahrija with His Peugeot Pocket Rocket

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