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Duncan Micallef Elected Chairman of FIA Drag Racing Commission

In a significant stride for Maltese motorsport, President Duncan Micallef has been elected Chairman of the FIA Drag Racing Commission for the 2024-25 term, along with securing a position as a member of the Circuits Commission. This prestigious appointment by the International Federation of Automobile (FIA) through its World Motor Sport Council (WMSC) underscores Micallef’s remarkable dedication and expertise in the field.

The announcement, made via the official Malta Motorsport Federation Facebook page, heralds a new chapter for the island nation’s representation on the global motorsport stage. The Malta Motorsport Federation expressed deep pride in President Micallef’s accomplishments, emphasizing the honor bestowed upon him by the FIA.

The FIA Drag Racing Commission plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of drag racing worldwide, with responsibilities spanning rule formulation, safety standards, and the overall development of the sport across 147 countries and five continents. Micallef’s leadership in this capacity is expected to bring fresh perspectives and insights to the commission’s deliberations, further enhancing the sport’s competitiveness and safety measures on a global scale.

President Micallef’s election comes as a culmination of his extensive involvement with the FIA and other regulatory bodies over the past three years, primarily driven by his commitment to advancing motorsport initiatives, notably at the Hal Far Motorsport Park. His unwavering dedication and collaborative efforts have earned him widespread respect within the international motorsport community, making him a fitting choice for these esteemed positions.

For Micallef and his team at the Malta Motorsport Federation, this appointment signifies not only personal achievement but also a collective triumph for Maltese motorsport enthusiasts. It underscores Malta’s growing influence and participation in shaping the future direction of motorsport globally, reaffirming the nation’s status as a vibrant hub for motorsport excellence.

As Micallef assumes his new roles within the FIA Drag Racing Commission and Circuits Commission, the Maltese motorsport community eagerly anticipates the positive impact he will undoubtedly have on the sport’s evolution and development worldwide.

Duncan Micallef Elected Chairman of FIA Drag Racing Commission

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