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Eli Xuereb Faces Challenges at Ispica

A weekend of intense challenges and strategic adjustments for Eli Xuereb

The 4th round of the Campionato ACI Zona 8 at Circuito Vincenza Ispica proved to be a formidable test for Eli Xuereb and his team, marked by a weekend of intense challenges and strategic adjustments.

Eli and his team arrived in Ispica with high hopes, bolstered by promising practice runs conducted weeks prior. However, the confidence quickly waned as they struggled with the kart’s setup from the onset of the race weekend. Battling the intense heat and not feeling at peak physical condition, Xuereb and his team refused to be disheartened. They made significant adjustments to close the gap with the leading competitors. By Saturday evening, their efforts bore fruit as they posted top 3 times in practice sessions.

Qualifying went according to plan. The team aimed to optimize tire performance between laps 4 and 6. Eli executed this strategy flawlessly, posting his best lap on the fourth with a time of 48.725. This performance secured a strong position for the pre-final race, bringing a glimmer of hope after a challenging start.

Despite the strong qualifying, the pre-final race did not unfold as hoped. An unfortunate maneuver at the first corner forced Eli onto the dirty side of the track, damaging his tires and dropping him to 8th position. The kart’s performance faltered compared to qualifying, and despite efforts, Eli managed to climb only to 7th place by the end of the race.

The final race saw a repeat of the pre-final’s early troubles. A slow start allowed competitors to take the inside line at the first corner, pushing Eli down to 9th position. With his grit and forgetting the struggles, he fought hard to recover, ultimately finishing in 6th place. Reflecting on the race, Eli expressed frustration over his start, acknowledging that a single mistake can significantly impact overall performance. However, he also recognized the valuable lessons learned from each race.

Eli praised his team’s relentless effort to improve the kart’s setup, working closely with Riccardo Vara to optimize performance quickly. Despite technical issues and even an unexpected bee attack during driving, the team managed to secure some points and gather important insights for future races.

Looking ahead to the next race in Concordia, Eli remains optimistic and determined. The upcoming track presents a new challenge, one he has never driven on before, but the team’s positive mentality they are ready to learn and keep their spirits high.

Eli extended heartfelt gratitude to his parents, Ryan and Georgene, for their limitless support, as well as the Tonna and Borg families for their constant encouragement. He also thanked BM Sport for their powerful engines and the entire BM Sport team, including Angelo Beccaria, Michele Beccaria, Giupy Giarratano, and Matteo, for their hospitality and expertise. Last but not least he never forgets praising the support of his family, his Auntie Abigail, Nannas Maria, and Nannu Raymond, whose presence at the race was a delightful surprise, and to Nanna Frances and Nannu Anton for their support from Malta. Eli also appreciated all his friends who have been there to encourage him in his racing journey.

Eli Xuereb Faces Challenges at Ispica

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