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Eman Muscat Rota Max Challenge Italia

Eman Muscat Competing in Rotax Max Challenge Italia

Eman Muscat, a promising Maltese karting driver, is set to compete in the Rotax Max Challenge Italia in the Rotax Senior category. Representing Malta and GP Racing Team, Muscat will be racing on the Italian circuit on June 14, 15, and 16.

Muscat is no stranger to this track. Reflecting on his past experiences, he shared, “I have raced on this track before, having competed in the Kartsport Championship where I finished in 5th place out of 25 drivers.” His familiarity with the circuit, where he previously secured a good position adds an element of confidence to his upcoming performance.

The Rotax Max Challenge Italia is similar to the Maltese championship but boasts a significantly larger pool of competitors. “I will be racing in the Rotax Championship of Italy, very similar to that of Malta but obviously with many more competitors, there are 35 competitors.” Muscat noted, highlighting the increase in competition he will face, with 35 skilled drivers vying for the top spot.

Despite the heightened competition, Muscat remains optimistic and well-prepared. He expressed his excitement and readiness, “I am excited and at the same time prepared that together with GP Racing Team and my father as my mechanic, we will achieve a good result.” His father, acting as his mechanic, and the support of GP Racing Team, play a crucial role in his preparation and confidence.

Muscat also extended his gratitude to those who have supported him throughout his journey. “I would like to thank my team boss Mike Clews and his whole family, and the team I race with in Malta, KPL Racing Team.” he said, acknowledging the vital contributions from the team manager and his family.

As Muscat takes on the Rotax Max Challenge Italia, his supporters in Malta will undoubtedly be cheering him on, hoping for a stellar performance that brings pride to his team and Malta.

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Eman Muscat Competing in Rotax Max Challenge Italia

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Eman Muscat Competing in Rotax Max Challenge Italia

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