Emma Said Third in Italian Regional Trials 2024

Emma Said, another rising star in the world of trial riding from Malta, recently made headlines in the Italian Regional Trials 2024, which took place in Piemonte, Italy. The Federazione Motociclistica Italiana event saw Said finish third in Class C, an important milestone in her developing career.

Said’s journey over the challenging terrain of the Italian trials circuit was nothing short of impressive. Despite terrible weather conditions and a difficult track, she performed very well, negotiating the muddy course with delicacy and precision. Her adaptability to unknown terrain demonstrated her versatility as a rider, gaining her well-deserved respect from her peers.

What really differentiates Said’s performance is her unrelenting steadiness and calmness under pressure. Despite the severe hurdles presented by the course, Said received just three penalty points during the competition, demonstrating her mastery of control and skill. Such an accomplishment demonstrates her pure talent in the sport.

Said’s success can be defined to her outstanding support. Stefano Bertolotti and Alessia Bacchetta were instrumental in her preparation and performance, providing invaluable guidance and encouragement throughout her trip. Their knowledge surely contributed to Said’s impressive performance on the difficult Italian terrain.

Emma’s focus is on the forthcoming European Trials Championship. This prestigious event, scheduled to take place in Piazziatorre, Italy on May 25th and 26th, 2024, provides an excellent opportunity for her to demonstrate her abilities on a larger platform. With her recent victory fuelling her momentum, Said is ready to make a lasting imprint on the world of trial riding, cementing her place as one of Malta’s greatest motorsport talents.

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