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Emma Said Third in the First Round of the European Trials Championship

Said Making Waves on the International Stage

Riders from various countries battled it out on challenging sections at Piazzatorre, Italy, navigating obstacles that required immense focus and mastery. Whether it was hopping over rocks, balancing on narrow logs, or conquering steep inclines, these riders showed strength, technique, and precision.

Emma Said, a talented rider who has been proudly representing Malta on the international stage, achieved an outstanding result during the opening round of the European Trials Championship. Placing third is no small feat, especially in such a fiercely competitive event. Her precision, balance, and control over the bike were truly impressive, adding excitement to the overall championship in the women’s category. This achievement couldn’t have happened without the support of her team, including her minders Shaun Said and José Bacchetta.

Trials isn’t just about speed, it’s about balance and mental fortitude. Said’s podium finish is further proof that Maltese women can excel in motorsport, continuing to inspire and empower more women to proudly display the Maltese flag in international competitions across various disciplines.

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Emma Said Third in the First Round of the European Trials Championship

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