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Fabio Baldacchino Returns to Hill Climb with a New Car

Fabio Baldacchino, a well-known figure in the hill climbing community, has announced his return to the sport with a freshly built car. In a recent social media post, Baldacchino expressed his excitement and gratitude to those who contributed to this monumental effort.

“Car is finally ready and I would like to thank all the people who worked on the car,” Baldacchino shared. “Especially Daniel J Vella at Kyokudo Racing for completing all the car, Carmelo Vella of Venom Concepts for the body work and fabrications, Darren Camilleri of Hassu Engineering for all engineering works and more, Simon Muscat, Malcolm Muscat, and Simon Filops Garage for the paint work, LCB for the FIA approved roll cage, Claude Frendo for the vinyl work, and all that helped throughout the way, mostly Sascha Blanco and my family Leanne Baldacchino and Raymond Baldacchino to do again what I love.”

Baldacchino’s new car is a team effort of many skilled professionals and supportive individuals. In addition to his heartfelt thanks to his team, Baldacchino also acknowledged his family and closest supporters, highlighting the invaluable support from his family members, Leanne and Raymond Baldacchino, and Sascha Blanco.

Baldacchino also extended his gratitude to his sponsors, whose support has been crucial in making his return to hill climbing possible. ISPY, Sweep Cleaning Services, Custom Coats and Tony’s Snack Bar – St Julian’s.

With a car meticulously crafted backed by a dedicated team, Fabio Baldacchino is set to make a spectacular return to hill climb.

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