FuelTech Mayhem Event Draws Massive Turnout

Following a great turnout exceeding over 90 vehicles we sat down with Jean Paul Cauchi to give us some info about how it went behind the scenes and what’s in the pipeline.

“The event is enjoyable when you have cars performing, that is our satisfaction and so more cars come. May isn’t the time when there are over 90 cars, usually there are around 50, 60 cars. As people saw the events we already made and saw the good plans and organization, they became more interested, supported us, and thus the cars came with their enthusiasm”, Cauchi explained.

The action kicked off on Friday with testing and tuning, allowing teams ample time to dial in their machines. Then, in the afternoon, round 1 commenced, heating up the track with fierce competition as drivers vied glory in their respective classes. “The test and tune is similar to what we used to call it “run what you bring”, which signifies a departure from the past and an embrace of modernization”, Cauchi continued.

Round 1 saw fierce battles amidst challenging windy conditions, especially with ongoing track improvements. However, Saturday brought relief as issues were swiftly resolved, and the track surface proved optimal. Each car had the chance to compete four times, leading up to eliminations and finals on Sunday, where drivers pushed their vehicles to the limits to clock their fastest times possible.

Several drivers achieved remarkable success thanks to the meticulously prepared track, which offered optimal conditions for performance. The dedication to cleanliness, maintenance, and traction enhancement ensured a level playing field. Credit is due to Johann Desira, whose tireless efforts significantly contributed to the event’s success, reflecting his dedication to track maintenance and improvement.

The event’s allure lies not just in the on-track action but also in passion for motorsport. It’s about creating an atmosphere where spectators can revel in the excitement alongside participants. Noteworthy performances included the world’s quickest and fastest import dragster, clocking 5.9 seconds at 230 miles per hour by Cinel Automotive, and impressive runs by Justin Muscat’s Terminator with a great comeback and notable entries such as the Sierra from Nagi Racing Team, driven by Andre Bugeja, which captivated the crowd with its impressive runs and Glenn Borg’s TF bike, tuned by Zoqdi Racing, made multiple passes with an impressive time of 6.6 seconds, adding to the excitement of the event.

Behind the scenes, the organizing committee, including the president, Gabriel Briffa, and Clint D’Amato, worked tirelessly to ensure smooth operations. Their efforts, coupled with the trust placed in them by members since January, bore fruit, with the event exceeding expectations.

“We are not here just for the track or for cars alone, we are here to provide a venue for people to enjoy, for entertainment. From the moment leading up to the event, work is put in to attract cars for entries, but in the end, the week before the event, work is done to attract the crowd. Much like football, whether there are few or many people in the stadium, the players draw strength from the crowd, boosting morale, adrenaline, and enjoyment.”

Cauchi continued, “This is not something that me, Gabriel and Clint alone do in the committee, truly, we are the driving force, but we cannot overlook the gratitude to others, including, Horatious Caruana, Johann Desira, Juan Mula, the Control Tower Team, Michelle, James, John, Konrad, who spend much time on the track, spotters, those who handle cleaning especially bathrooms and areas where hygiene is crucial and everyone else involved in making an event successful.”

“We’ve reached certain levels in marketing, which we handle ourselves, we don’t hold back on social media, we have targets to meet. March has passed, May event passed with flying colours, and now we’re preparing for a night event, eagerly anticipated by many spectators, but entries from cars were lacking, so there’s work to be done to bring more cars to this event.” The LCB Summer Shootout is happening on the 4th, 5th, and 6th of July, starting Thursday till Saturday, from 6/7pm till 2am.

“Obviously, we’re looking forward to this event. We’ll work from what happened in the past and we need to work to bring back those who left, work on the lights both on the track as well as in the grandstand, paddock and even on the finish, especially safety and we need to motivate people and involve them as much as possible,” he stated.

Cauchi concluded by mentioning the tireless work and hours required in order to create such events. “It’s not something you just say you’ll do, you have to think and plan, we love drag racing and I’ve been in it for around 15 years and I’m not going anywhere anytime soon. That’s why I ran for the committee because it’s easy to judge and complain from the side-lines. Clint approached us and said, “Guys, either we do it or stop complaining with me,” and we went for the committee and the members gave us the trust. We embraced change because that’s what it needed, look at the positive comments on Facebook, they warm my heart, without them we can’t do anything, without them, we wouldn’t have spectators, we need both supporters and spectators, we need to consider both aspects.”

In conclusion, while the road to success may be fraught with challenges, the committee is fully focused to ensure that Malta’s drag racing scene continues to thrive. Stay tuned to the Malta Drag Racing’s social media channels for updates, and mark your calendars for the LCB Summer Shootout in July.

FuelTech Mayhem Event Draws Massive Turnout

Excitement Builds for Round 4 of the

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