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Great Achievement by Lixxu Racing Team Despite Early Exit

Lixxu Racing Team made a great impression at the Doorslammers 2024 event this weekend, waving the Maltese flag, showcasing the pure local talent and the power of their Ford Escort MK1. Despite an early elimination, the team celebrated significant achievements and expressed optimism for the future.

The eventful weekend saw the team dialing in their car and experimenting with new setups tailored for the iconic Santa Pod Raceway. Their efforts paid off as they consistently delivered impressive 7.1-second passes, with their fastest run clocking in at 7.0 seconds, making them the quickest car in their field.

However, their journey was cut short during the second round of eliminations due to a tire shake that inadvertently shifted the transmission drive to neutral. This mishap led to their elimination from the competition. Despite this setback, the team remained upbeat about their performance.

“We are very happy with our achievement running consistent 7.1s passes and 7.0 being the fastest car in our field,” the team posted on social media. “Our competitor is the scoreboard.”

The team extended heartfelt thanks to their supporters, including Fraudster C20LET Mk1 Escort Mk1Kieran, their families, and their sponsors, particularly Visit Malta, whose support was crucial to their participation and success.

The Lixxu Racing Team had been gearing up for this event with high expectations, given their impressive track record. Their Ford Escort MK1, a beast on the drag strip, previously achieved a staggering quarter-mile ET of 6.95 seconds at 194 MPH. This machine, combined with the team’s dedication and expertise, promised an electrifying performance at Santa Pod.

Prior to the event, a spokesperson for the team had expressed their excitement and determination. “Our team has been working tirelessly for this moment. It’s a great adventure for us, and we’re determined to push the limits of our car even further,” they said.

Lixxu Racing Team’s participation at Santa Pod Raceway is not just a personal milestone but also a proof of Malta bringing results in every event they attend, growing prominence of Maltese talent in the global drag racing scene. Malta’s drag racing community has made significant strides over the years, with local drivers achieving international recognition and setting records.

The passion and talent within Malta’s drag racing community continue to shine through, proving that Maltese drivers deserve their place on the global stage.

Great Achievement by Lixxu Racing Team Despite Early Exit

Ayrton Jon Tonna Competing in the Second

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