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Great Results for Zach Zammit at Shelsley Walsh

A Stellar Performance in the British Hillclimb Championship

Zach Zammit delivered an impressive performance at the third round of the British Hillclimb Championship at Shelsley Walsh this past weekend. Competing at the world’s oldest active motorsport venue, Zammit went up the hill with great performance in front of a record turnout of enthusiastic spectators.

The weather conditions were ideal for racing, with the sun shining and temperatures soaring. Sunday was particularly hot, adding an extra layer of challenge for the drivers. However, the excellent weather also contributed to a record turnout of spectators, filling the stands and creating an electrifying atmosphere.

In his first timed run, Zammit finished 7th overall, which qualified him for the top 12 run-off. He continued to push his limits and secured a 10th place finish in the run-off. His second timed run saw him improve, finishing 8th overall and once again qualifying for the second run-off, where he replicated his 10th place result.

Despite the fierce competition, Zammit managed to secure 2nd place in his class out of 10 cars, demonstrating his driving skills and consistency. His best time of the day was an impressive 24.62 seconds.

“The stands were packed. What an atmosphere!” Zammit remarked, reflecting on the incredible support and energy from the crowd. The vibrant ambiance undoubtedly fuelled the drivers to deliver their best performances.

Zammit also expressed his gratitude to his sponsor, Ben Estates, whose support has been instrumental in his racing endeavors. Their backing not only aids in his participation but also helps in maintaining and optimizing his high-performance vehicle.

With this strong performance at Shelsley Walsh, Zammit has set a positive tone for the rest of the season. His ability to qualify for both run-offs and finish in the top ranks against a competitive field highlights his ongoing improvement and great results with lack of practice.

Zach’s achievements bring pride to the local motorsport community and inspire upcoming racers. The next rounds of the British Hillclimb Championship will surely be events to watch, with Zammit aiming for even greater results.

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Great Results for Zach Zammit at Shelsley Walsh

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Great Results for Zach Zammit at Shelsley Walsh

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