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Hal-Far Thursdays Return This Summer

A Safe Haven for Car Enthusiasts

Today marks the return of the famous Hal Far Thursdays, a well-loved summer tradition at Hal-Far Raceway. This event, highly popular among car enthusiasts, is not just about racing. It provides a space for car lovers to gather, exchange a few words, and enjoy their passion in a safe parking area.

Under the new campaign “Race in a Safe Place,” participants are encouraged to drive on the track, where safety measures, including an ambulance, are in place, rather than risking their lives on public roads. “In the past, Hal-Far Thursdays attracted a significant number of cars, and we aim to recreate that vibrant atmosphere once again, especially with the beautiful weather expected,” Explained Jean Paul Cauchi from MDRA.

In short, Hal Far Thursdays is the place to be on Thursday evenings. It is a destination where petrolheads can come together to enjoy their beloved vehicles and motorsport in a safe, enjoyable environment. The gates will open from 7:30 PM onwards.

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