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Intercomp VMD Simsport: Malta’s Newest Sim Racing Powerhouse

Intercomp VMD Simsport, a new professional sim racing team founded by experienced racers Dean Vella, Sheldon Muscat, and Aaron Debattista. With a solid background in local and international competitions, this trio aims to elevate Maltese sim racing to unprecedented heights.

The newly formed team emerged from the collective vision of Vella, Muscat, and Debattista, who share over six years of high-level racing experience with teams like GT OMEGA RPM Esports and Geekz Energy Esports/AKA Hero Simracing. Their chosen simulation platforms, Assetto Corsa Competizione and iRacing, are at the forefront of the sim racing world, but they remain open to adopting new technologies as the industry evolves.

Founders’ Vision and Motivation

The motivation to form Intercomp VMD Simsport stemmed from a desire to create a professional, structured team that aligned with their personal racing philosophies. While their previous affiliations provided a sense of community, Vella, Muscat, and Debattista yearned for a setup that emphasized professional growth and rigorous competition. This led them to partner with Intercomp, a well-known supporter of sim racing, which now stands as their title sponsor.

“We wanted to create our own team to embody our ideas and philosophy,” said Dean Vella. “Instead of integrating into an existing structure, we envisioned a team that would focus on competing at the highest levels and nurturing both local and international talent.”

Building a Competitive Roster

Intercomp VMD Simsport is currently focused on building a strong and reliable team roster. Their goal is to start with a small but highly talented group of three or four drivers. “We aim to create a solid foundation with drivers we can trust and who show great potential,” explained Vella. “Our ambition is to become the best Maltese sim racing team, making a name for ourselves both locally and internationally.”

Accomplishments and Aspirations

The founders bring an impressive list of accomplishments to the table built from years of training and dedication.

Dean Vella’s notable achievements include:

  • FIA Motorsport Games 2022 – Fanatec Esports Cup semi-finalist
  • National GT3 Esports Champion 2022
  • iRacing 2024 Daytona 24 Hour Endurance – Winner (Split 4)
  • Moza Endurance Championship 6 Hours of Monza – Winner
  • WPR Eden Porsche Cup – Winner
  • Velocity Malta GT Cup 2024 – Runner Up
  • WPR USF2000 Championship – Runner Up
  • eFaster Venym Cup AM Class – P3 Overall
  • Apex Racing Academy Super Formula Series – P4 Overall

Sheldon Muscat’s achievements are equally impressive:

  • Velocity Malta GT Cup 2024 Champion
  • iRacing 2024 Daytona 24 Hour Endurance – Winner (Split 4)
  • Moza Endurance Championship 6 Hours of Monza – Winner
  • Mahle Meet & Race 2023 Winner
  • Playcon WPR Porsche Tournament 2023 Winner
  • Porsche Malta Time Attack Winner
  • Intercomp Time Attack 2023 – Winner
  • The Sim Grid Sprint Cup Season 1 – Winner
  • National GT3 Esports 2022 – Runner Up
  • SRO Esports 2021 Qualifier
  • IEUM Challenger Cup Europe Knockout Finalist

Aaron Debattista has also demonstrated his racing talent:

  • iRacing 2024 Daytona 24 Hour Endurance – Winner (Split 4)
  • Moza Endurance Championship 6 Hours of Monza – Winner
  • MFRL Season 3 Champion
  • MFRL Season 1 – Runner Up
  • Playcon WPR F4 – Runner Up
  • MFRL Season 2 – 3rd Overall
  • Velocity Malta GT Cup – 3rd Overall
  • National F4 Championship 2024 Pre-qualified in P3
  • Playcon WPR Porsche Tournament 2023 – 3rd Overall

The team is determined to continue their growth, secure more sponsorships, and build upon their impressive track record. Their ultimate aim is to solidify their position as Malta’s premier sim racing team and make a significant impact on the international stage.

With a clear vision and a commitment to excellence, the team is poised to lead Malta’s charge into the competitive world of professional sim racing. Keep an eye on this team as they strive to make history and inspire the next generation of sim racers.

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