Kimi Bugeja’s Debut in Sicilian Motorsport

Last weekend marked a monumental moment for young driver Kimi Bugeja as he entered into the world of top-level racing in Sicily. Despite facing intense competition, Kimi just focused on gaining his experience in such an intense field throughout the event, leaving a lasting impression on spectators and fellow competitors alike.

The journey began with promising lap times during Thursday’s free practice sessions, hinting at Kimi’s potential to make waves in the racing circuit. However, the challenges mounted during official qualifying on Friday, as mixed weather conditions threw a curveball his way. Despite the setback, Kimi persisted and secured the 16th position on the grid.

Saturday brought its own set of trials as Kimi navigated through the heats. While he managed to finish the first heat in 15th place, technical issues forced him to retire from the second heat, setting the remaining for a challenging climb in the finals on Sunday.

Undeterred by the setbacks, Kimi approached Sunday’s warm-up session with focus on improving, clinching the 7th spot and bolstering his confidence for the upcoming finals. The pre-final saw Kimi starting from the 23rd position, but his debut kept him to cross the finish line in 16th place, showcasing his ability to maneuver through the pack.

However, it was the final race where Kimi truly shone. Determined to make up for lost ground, he executed a series of impressive overtakes, swiftly climbing to the 12th position within just two laps. Despite an unfortunate accident that briefly set him back to 16th place, Kimi held his ground until the end, demonstrating the willingness to push and prove that he’s there for a better comeback.

Reflecting on his debut, Kimi expressed gratitude to VRT Motorsport for their support and belief in his abilities. He also extended his appreciation to his mechanic, Ignazio Gulisano, and engine supplier, Simone Catenacci, whose contributions were instrumental. Additionally, Kimi thanked his main sponsors, Snow White Meat & Poultry Market, and all individuals who have supported him along the way.

Kimi Bugeja’s Debut in Sicilian Motorsport

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