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King of France 2024: An Unforgettable Race for Neville Ciantar

The King of France 2024 race brought together an exceptional assembly of race cars and drivers from all over Europe, including France, the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Holland, and Portugal. The high-level venue provided everything needed for a spectacular race.

Nicolas Montador and his team, along with the marshals, executed an outstanding job in organizing the event. Chris Bowler’s course design featured an impressive 20km lap, with technical sections demanding significant skill and persistence from the competitors.

The prologue for pole position took place on Thursday with two runs. Neville Ciantar drove exceptionally well, maintaining consistent speed to secure 14th place overall and 8th in the 4400 class.

On Friday, race day one, the competitors were required to complete six laps. Unfortunately, in the first 30 meters, Ciantar was hit on the side by eventual race winner Flávio Aquino, resulting in a bent sway bar and a broken prop shaft. Despite losing about 35 minutes for on-course and live pit repairs, Ciantar managed to complete all six laps with some fast driving to regain lost time.

While Neville’s manager, Charlene Ciantar prepared food, Bradley Aquilina, Mark Gauci, Brandon Offroad Hulk, and Ethel Gatt carried out the necessary repairs and preparations for the second race day. The car was restored to perfect condition, ready for the next challenge.

On the final day, Ciantar decided to take more risks, pushing the car at high speed and aiming for perfection on the rocky sections. The tyres deteriorated significantly with each lap, and unfortunately, in the last 4 km of the final lap, a rear left tyre needed changing. Neville and Lee managed to sort this in just 4 minutes, then raced towards the finish line.

Finishing in 11th place might not seem extraordinary, but considering the limitations and sacrifices faced, along with the high level of competition, Ciantar found the result highly satisfying. Racing with his son and best friend made the experience a personal victory. Notably, this was the first race in two years where they managed to complete all laps since their engine swap. Special thanks were extended to Kamoy Engineering for their essential support.

King of France 2024: An Unforgettable Race for Neville Ciantar

Kimi Bugeja Second at the 5th Round

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