Kurt Camilleri Teases Potential Return to Hill Climb Racing

Renowned within the motorsport community, Kurt Camilleri, of the esteemed Camilleri Racing team, has recently ignited speculation about a potential return to hill climb racing. A cryptic post on his Facebook profile has set hearts racing among fans, hinting at a thrilling comeback to the local hill climb competition.

Camilleri Racing is a name synonymous with passion, heritage, and excellence in motorsport. The legacy of this esteemed team traces back through generations, with Kurt’s family immersed in the racing scene for decades. From the days of his grandfather’s racing endeavours to his father, Hubert with his achievements racing in his Chevron, winning multiple championships, the Camilleri Racing lineage is steeped in a rich tradition of motorsport.

Kurt has carved his own path in the motorsport world, alongside his brother Keith. Together, they have adorned the trophy shelves with countless accolades, from Lamborghini testing days and TCR, however, it is the thrill of hill climb racing that seems to beckon Kurt back to the track once more.

In a recent social media post, Kurt shared a tantalizing glimpse into what could be the prelude to his return. A video capturing his Radical going at full speed at the Mtahleb Hill Climb track which has sent ripples of excitement through the racing community.

Among Kurt’s most memorable performances abroad was his appearance at the Eschdorf Hill Climb, alongside his brother Keith. Their contrasting driving styles—Keith’s composed demeanor contrasting with Kurt’s aggressive approach—captivated audiences and showcased the versatility and skill of the Camilleri brothers on the international stage.

For fans and supporters of the Camilleri Racing Team, the prospect of witnessing Kurt back in action is nothing short of exhilarating and it’s very likely we’ll see him back in action.

Kurt Camilleri Teases Potential Return to Hill Climb Racing

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