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LCB Summer Shootout Captivates Drag Racing Fans

The LCB Summer Shootout delivered a weekend to remember for drag racing enthusiasts, culminating in a full packed event. Kicking off on Thursday evening with testing passes from 7 PM to 10 PM, the event set the stage for an series of passes. Thursday was a relatively relaxed day as drivers acclimated to the track, fine-tuning their cars under optimal conditions.

Friday marked the start of the qualification rounds, with four runs that saw a massive turnout of spectators. The grandstand was jam-packed with fans eager to witness the action. The day featured a dazzling drift show by MDC, adding to the excitement and drawing even more crowds.

Saturday was the highlight of the weekend, with drivers pushing their limits and clocking increasingly impressive times. The night event, characterized by its unique heat elements, was a spectacle to behold. The MDRA and the entire organizing committee worked tirelessly to ensure the track remained in prime condition, allowing drivers to achieve remarkable results.

Ladmu’s Terminator Escort MK1 dominated with the first 6-second pass, hitting 201 miles per hour with a rotary engine. He was awarded the title of fastest and quickest escort, surpassing Lixxu Racing’s 2021 record of 6.95 seconds. This sets the stage for an exciting showdown between Ladmu and Lixxu in the final event in November.

Simon Girodmaina in SSB Class, at midnight, wowed the crowd with a 209 mile-per-hour pass, securing a win in the SSB class.

Mark Mallia made a triumphant return, consistently achieving 7.1-second runs in his 2JZ Supra.

Patrick Cassar had a weekend filled with 6-second runs, including a standout 6.5-second pass, though Reuben from Layzar Racing Team ultimately won the D4 class with a YB engine.

Wayne Zammit’s Full Body Cortina, tuned by Cinell and built by Granpun Chassis, made an impressive 8.1-second pass with a Cosworth engine. However, Dennis Desira from the Mad Max Racing Team claimed the Wild Street class win with a 2JZ Sierra.

Mark Farrugia returned with his Escort Gladiator equipped with a ZTEC engine, consistently making 8-second passes, rounding out a successful weekend.

Jean Paul Cauchi, one of the event’s organizers, expressed his satisfaction with the weekend, stating, “Overall, it was a spectacular weekend. Saturday also featured shows from Team Maximum Lock, with drifting nostalgia and fireworks included.”

Cauchi added, “Preparation has already started for the September 27-29 event, but we must also focus on the National Finals in November. It’s our signature event, and we need to make it the best. However, our immediate focus is on ensuring another great event in September.”

The LCB Summer Shootout saw the participation of 60 cars and was a resounding success, thanks to the dedicated efforts of the spectators, participants, control tower personnel, track preparation and the organizing committee.

Anticipation is already building for the upcoming September event and the much-anticipated National Finals in November. The drag racing community can expect more exciting performances and a build up to the last event of the year.

Photo Credit: Pudgey’s Pictures

LCB Summer Shootout Captivates Drag Racing Fans

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