Lixxu Racing Team Set for Action at Santa Pod for Doorslammers and FIA Event

Lixxu Racing Team, is gearing up to make waves at Santa Pod Raceway in the United Kingdom. With an impressive track record and a formidable machine, the team is set to represent Malta in both the Doorslammers and FIA Main Event, scheduled for May.

At the heart of Lixxu Racing Team’s campaign is their blazing-fast Ford Escort MK1, which has already etched its name in drag racing history with a staggering quarter-mile ET of 6.95 seconds at an incredible speed of 194 MPH. This formidable machine, coupled with the expertise and dedication of the team, promises a spectactle show on the drag strip.

Speaking on behalf of the team, a spokesperson expressed their excitement, saying, “Our team has been working tirelessly for this moment. It’s a great adventure for us, and we’re determined to push the limits of our car even further.”

The participation of Lixxu Racing Team at Santa Pod is not just a milestone for the team but also a result to the growing prominence of Maltese talent in the global drag racing scene. Over the decades, the local drag racing community in Malta has been making significant strides, with drivers garnering attention and accolades on an international level.

What sets the Maltese drag racing scene apart is not only its passion but also its propensity for producing remarkable talent. Maltese drivers have not only made their mark on the European stage but have also set records that stand as a proof that the local talent deserves it’s recognition.

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