Malta Drag Racing Association Accelerates with Haltech Sponsorship

In an electrifying development for the Maltese drag racing scene, the Malta Drag Racing Association has proudly announced a groundbreaking partnership with Haltech, a global leader in electronic control units. The collaboration marks a significant milestone for both parties and promises to elevate the sport to new heights on the Mediterranean island.

The announcement, made by the recently elected MDRA committee, signals a dynamic shift in the organization’s approach towards fostering growth and sustainability within the drag racing community. With Haltech joining the MDRA family, enthusiasts can expect an infusion of innovation and support that will propel the sport forward.

“Support the companies who support your sport,” urged the MDRA committee, emphasizing the importance of mutual collaboration between stakeholders. The partnership with Haltech underscores this principle, highlighting the shared commitment to nurturing and advancing the drag racing culture in Malta.

Andre Bugeja, a prominent figure within the local drag racing community, expressed his excitement about the new alliance in a heartfelt post on Facebook. “It’s Finally ready!” he exclaimed, sharing the enthusiasm surrounding Haltech’s arrival in Malta. Describing Haltech as “one of the largest ECU manufacturers in the world,” Bugeja lauded their decision to invest locally, citing it as a testament to their dedication to supporting the sport.

Haltech’s decision to partner with the MDRA reflects their recognition of Malta’s burgeoning drag racing scene and their eagerness to contribute to its growth. By aligning with a renowned industry leader like Haltech, the MDRA solidifies its position as a premier destination for motorsport enthusiasts in the region.

With the sponsorship in place, the MDRA is gearing up for the season ahead. Enthusiasts can mark their calendars for the remaining events on the MDRA schedule:

May 3-5: Round 2
July 4-6: Round 3 Night Event
Sept 27-29: Round 4
Nov 14-17: Round 5 National Finals

Each event promises plenty of action and fierce competition. As the MDRA continues to thrive with Haltech’s support, the future of drag racing in Malta looks brighter than ever.

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