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Malta Drifting Club Announces 2024 Schedule

After a notable period of inactivity, the Malta Drifting Club has re-emerged with a bang, unveiling a comprehensive and exciting schedule for the 2024 season. Under the leadership of an improved committee, the club is poised to offer a series of events, promising to boost the local drifting scene.

The club, which had been relatively quiet in recent years, has undergone significant changes. A revamped committee, brimming with fresh ideas and renewed enthusiasm, is at the helm, ensuring that this year’s calendar is packed with events aimed at both seasoned drifters and newcomers to the sport.

Key Dates to Watch

  • June 15th: Final Round
  • July 20th: Training Session
  • August 18th: Training Session
  • October 12th: Training Session
  • November 23rd: Training Session
  • December 15th: Training Session
  • December 29th: Charity Event

The club aims not only to reignite the passion of existing fans but also to attract a new generation of drifting enthusiasts. With a mix of competitive rounds, training sessions, and a special charity event, there’s something for everyone in this year’s lineup, hoping to reclaim its position as a cornerstone of the Maltese motorsport community.

For more information and updates on the events, visit the Malta Drifting Club’s official website and social media pages.

Malta Drifting Club Announces 2024 Schedule

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