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Malta Drifting Club Opens Doors to New Enthusiasts in 2024

In a recent announcement the Malta Drifting Club has unveiled a new initiative aimed at expanding its member base and reigniting the passion for drifting on the island. The club is now inviting new drivers to participate in their drift events as guests in 2024.

For the first time, aspiring drifters have the chance to join the club’s events without the need for a yearly MMF fee. Instead, interested participants only need to undergo a medical test and vehicle scrutineering to ensure safety standards are met. This streamlined entry process is designed to make it easier for newcomers to experience the thrill of drifting.

“We want to give everyone the chance to get a feel for our club and events as a driver,” stated a spokesperson for the Malta Drifting Club. “This is all about getting you addicted to going sideways. We would love to welcome any of you who would like to become part of our drifting community.”

This initiative comes at a crucial time for the drifting scene in Malta. In recent years, interest in the sport had been waning, with many drift cars gathering dust in garages rather than burning rubber on the track. By lowering the barriers to entry, the Malta Drifting Club hopes to revitalize the sport and attract a new generation of drivers.

“The past few years have been tough for drifting in Malta,” the spokesperson explained. “We’ve seen a decline in participation, and it’s time to bring the excitement back. We believe that by opening our doors to new members, we can regain traction and build a vibrant community once again.”

The club’s call to action is clear: they want to grow the drifting family in Malta. Whether you’re an experienced driver looking to dust off your skills or a complete novice eager to try your hand at drifting, the Malta Drifting Club is ready to welcome you.

To join the 2024 events as a guest, all you need is a clean bill of health and a car that passes scrutineering. Once these requirements are met, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in the club’s events, learn from seasoned drifters, and immerse yourself in the world of drifting.

At its core, the Malta Drifting Club is more than just a racing organization; it’s a community of passionate individuals who share a love for the sport. By opening their events to new drivers, the club aims to foster a sense of camaraderie and shared excitement among members.

“We’re not just about the competitions; we’re about the people and the shared passion for drifting,” the spokesperson emphasized. “We want everyone to feel welcome and part of our family.”

For those interested in taking advantage of this unique opportunity, the process is straightforward. Once medical is approved and car scrutineered, you’ll be able to participate in upcoming drift events and experience the thrill of going sideways.

For more information and to know more, visit the Malta Drifting Club’s page or contact them directly through their social media channels.

Malta Drifting Club Opens Doors to New Enthusiasts in 2024

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