Malta Drifting Club Unveils New Committee and Name Change

In a landmark decision during its Annual General Meeting on April 26th, the Malta Drifting Association announced not only the composition of its committee for the upcoming year but also a significant rebranding. Henceforth, the association will be known as the Malta Drifting Club, signifying a new era of growth and unity within the Maltese drifting community.

Led by the stalwart leadership of President Melo Zammit, the Malta Drifting Club is poised to embark on a new path, with a dynamic committee by its side. Joining President Zammit are four distinguished individuals, each bringing their unique skills and passion to the table.

James Vella assumes the role of Vice President. With his guidance, the Malta Drifting Club is well-positioned to navigate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

As the PRO Assistant, Esther Orsini brings her communication and organizational skills to the forefront, ensuring that the Malta Drifting Club maintains a strong and visible presence within the motorsport community.

Representing the diverse membership of the Malta Drifting Club is Lee Pisani, who steps into the role of Members Representative. With a keen understanding of the needs and aspirations of fellow enthusiasts, Pisani is committed to fostering an inclusive and supportive environment for all members.

Rounding out the committee is Max Fenech, whose passion for drifting and commitment to the sport make him a valuable addition to the team. As a dedicated member, Fenech will play a pivotal role in shaping the direction and vision of the Malta Drifting Club.

With the unveiling of its new committee and name change, the Malta Drifting Club is poised to set new standards within the drifting community. Under the visionary leadership of President Melo Zammit and the collective expertise of its committee members, the club is primed for success in the drifting scene.

For more information and to stay connected with the Malta Drifting Club, visit their social media page.

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