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Malta Motocross Championship: A Showcase of Maltese Talent

The 6th round of the Malta Motocross Championship saw an exciting mix of 31 Maltese drivers and 4 Italians competing in various categories, this round had everything a motocross fan could wish for.

Class A: Kyle Camilleri Dominates

Kyle Camilleri was the star of class A, taking the lead early on and maintaining his position throughout the race. His consistent performance and strategic manoeuvres ensured his dominance, leaving his competitors trailing behind.

Podium Finishers

  1. Kyle Camilleri
  2. Biuren Grima
  3. Jose Azzopardi

Class B

Podium Finishers:

  1. Jack Azzopardi
  2. Chris Falzon

Veterans Class: A Fierce Battle

The Veterans class was marked by a fierce battle between Arthur Micallef and Jonathan Borg, reminiscent of their previous encounters. This round saw Jonathan Borg clinching the first position, with Arthur Micallef following closely, making it a very close and exciting race.

Podium Finishers:

  1. Jonathan Borg
  2. Arthur Micallef
  3. Jethro Sant

Juniors Class: Intense Competition

The Juniors class was packed with action from the start. The first race had to be restarted due to a collision involving four bikes at the first turn. Despite the setback, Ike Zarb showed front lead potential, ultimately winning the races. Giordano Tollentino faced an unfortunate puncture in the first race, preventing him from reaching the podium. However, he bounced back in the second race, delivering an exciting contest against Ike Zarb.

Podium Finishers:

  1. Ike Zarb
  2. Matthias Sultana
  3. Andrea Baldalmenti

Notable performances by 4 drivers, Craig Piscopo, Tristan Theuma, Diego Panza, and Matthias Sultana who competed in the 65cc class, despite being up against drivers with larger 85cc engines. Their performance was commendable, with Matthias Sultana managing to secure a podium finish, showing the impressive capabilities of these young drivers.

The 6th round of the Malta Motocross Championship highlighted yet again the exceptional motocross talent. From seasoned veterans to aspiring juniors, each class offered it’s unique action.

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