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Malta Motorsport Federation Resumes Action After Insurance Resolution

In a recent update posted on the Malta Motorsport Federation’s Facebook page, the federation announced a positive turn of events regarding the insurance predicament that temporarily halted motorsport activities in Malta.

The federation shared that a crucial meeting took place yesterday evening, bringing together representatives from all sports clubs affiliated with the MMF. The atmosphere was described as constructive, with a productive conversation unfolding among the committee members present. Together, they unanimously decided to move forward with acquiring the available insurance policy, allowing them to swiftly resume their beloved motorsport events.

A key consensus reached during the meeting was the decision to alter the insurance schedule, strategically avoiding negotiations during the Christmas period. This adjustment aims to expedite the process and ensure that motorsport enthusiasts can enjoy their events without further delay.

Following this decision, the Malta Motorsport Federation promptly communicated with the local broker this morning, outlining the plan to secure the insurance by Friday. This proactive approach is geared towards ensuring that all necessary measures are in place, allowing motorsport events to proceed as originally planned.

The federation expressed gratitude to all the representatives who actively participated in yesterday’s meeting, acknowledging their constructive contributions and dedication to the broader vision of promoting motorsport in Malta. The update concluded with an enthusiastic call to action, echoing the sentiment, “ladies and gentlemen, start your engines,” signalling the anticipated return to the thrilling world of motorsport in Malta.

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