Malta Motorsport Federation Unveils Phase 2 Plans for Motorsport Park Project

We should have more exciting news shortly as the project keeps increasing in momentum. The Malta Motorsport Federation would like to thank all those, motorsport enthusiast and not that are giving their contribution to the successful implementation of our DREAM!

Malta Motorsport Federation Facebook Post

In a recent update shared on their official Facebook page, the Malta Motorsport Federation has provided eager enthusiasts with a comprehensive overview of Phase 2 developments in the ambitious Motorsport Park project. Building upon the foundations laid in Phase 1, the focus now shifts to enhancing the karting track and its surrounding facilities.

The heart of Phase 2 lies in the upgrade of the karting track’s infrastructure. While the track itself boasts modern features, attention is now directed towards enhancing the paddock area, as well as pre and post-race facilities. Key components of this upgrade include the construction of a fully equipped paddock building, complete with amenities essential for race operations. This facility will encompass a pre-grid area, scrutineering zones, and spaces designated for race control, drivers’ briefings, and timing officials. The overarching goal is to attain CIK/FIA homologation for the karting track, a testament to its quality and compliance with international standards.

To spearhead these developments, the Malta Motorsport Federation has partnered with Driven, renowned track designers entrusted with the task of ensuring seamless integration between the karting track and the adjacent dragstrip. This collaboration underscores the federation’s commitment to harmonizing operations within the Motorsport Park, thereby maximizing efficiency and minimizing logistical challenges.

In tandem with these efforts, visible progress is already underway at the Motorsport Park site. Recent observations reveal substantial clearance activities adjacent to the dragstrip paddocks, signaling the expansion of the circuit’s confines. Furthermore, comprehensive surveys are slated to commence in the coming weeks, encompassing both the karting track and the dragstrip. Of particular note is the meticulous examination of the dragstrip’s quarter-mile stretch, aimed at assessing foundational integrity and optimizing track performance. Additionally, exhaustive assessments will be conducted to identify and mitigate any underground obstacles, including electrical cables, water pipes, and drainage systems, ensuring the seamless execution of future construction endeavors.

Excitement is palpable within the motorsport community, fuelled by recent media reports indicating that the dragstrip’s full development permit is nearing approval. This milestone, if realized, will mark a significant achievement for the federation. With anticipation mounting and momentum building, the Malta Motorsport Federation extends its gratitude to all stakeholders, both within and beyond the motorsport fraternity, for their unwavering support in realizing this collective dream.

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