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Maltese Drivers Excel at Coppa Val D Anapo Sortino 2024 Hill Climb Event

The Coppa Val D Anapo Sortino 2024 Hill Climb event saw Maltese drivers making significant strides and achieving impressive results.

Noel Galea’s Record-Breaking Performance

Galea delivered an outstanding performance in his Ford Escort MK2, 2000cc, finishing 22nd overall. Galea improved his previous time by 6 seconds and clinched first place in the E2SH class with a record-setting time of 3:46:22. His achievement and breaking personal bests, previously noted in the Xaghra Hill Climb event and now in Italy too, is a result to his consistent improvements.

Darren Camilleri – Norma M20 F Honda

Driving the Norma M20 F Honda, 3000cc, Camilleri competed in the E2SC-SS class, finishing 10th overall and securing 10th place in his class. Camilleri demonstrated his performance among a field of 93 cars, showcasing another talent from Malta.

Ivan Paul Deidun – Norma M20 F Honda

Deidun also competed in his Norma M20 F Honda, 3000cc, in the CN Class. Deidun finished 28th overall and achieved a commendable 2nd place in his class, highlighting his capability and consistency in the race.

James Dunford – Elia Avrio STO9

Dunford, driving his fresh Elia Avrio Sto9, 1600cc, participated in the E2SC-SS class. Although Dunford is still getting used to the car and getting more comfortable with it, he finished 38th overall and 15th in his class, showing promise for future events.

The success of these drivers continues to bring more results with pride towards the history of great performances by Maltese drivers and the support, dedication, and hard work of their dedicated teams and sponsors. Their achievements are a result to the commitment and passion they have for the sport, often financing their endeavours out of their own pockets. This dedication should be appreciated by everyone, as these drivers represent Malta and deserve our support.

These achievements are significant milestones for Maltese motorsport. The record-setting performance of Noel Galea and the notable finishes of Darren Camilleri, Ivan Paul Deidun, and James Dunford serve as an inspiration for aspiring racers and a proud moment for Malta.

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Maltese Drivers Excel at Coppa Val D Anapo Sortino 2024 Hill Climb Event

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