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Maltese Drivers Excel in Round 4 of Sicilia Time Attack Championship

19 Maltese drivers crossed the Mediterranean to compete in the fourth round of the Sicilia Time Attack Championship last weekend. The journey from Malta to the Autodromo Valle dei Templi in Racalmuto, Sicily, culminated in a series of stunning performances that highlighted the pure motorsport talent of the Maltese contingent.

This year’s championship, now in its 11th season, featured a novel Historic car group, drawing significant attention and participation. Among the standout performers was Adrian Mangion, whose restored MGB GT clinched victory in this nostalgic category, triumphing over a field that included classic Alfa Romeos, FIAT X19s, and Opels.

The competition was quite exciting across the board, with the stock group, reserved for standard road cars, proving particularly popular among the Maltese drivers. Notable winners in this group included Eman Spiteri in the stock 1600 class with his Honda Civic, and Steve Zammit Cutajar in the Stock 2000 class driving a Honda Integra. Charles “Leicester” Spiteri also delivered a memorable performance, securing the top spot in the stock 4-wheel drive class with his VW Golf, while Malcolm Micallef emerged victorious in the stock RWD class with his Mazda RX8.

The Pro group, for modified road cars with standard bodywork, and the Open group, for highly modified production-based cars, also saw impressive entries from Maltese drivers. Young talent Nigel Caruana dominated the Open 2000 class with his Honda Integra.

In addition to the winners, several other Maltese drivers achieved commendable placements. Jeffrey Shaw in his Mini Cooper, Jackson Agius with a FIAT Grande Punto, and Josef Calleja driving a Porsche 911, all placed in the top three of their respective classes. The father and son duo, Mark and Miguel Camilleri, further exemplified the Maltese spirit of teamwork and competition with their strong performances in a Subaru Impreza.

Sponsored by Virtu Ferries and John Bull Garage, not only highlighted the competitive spirit of Maltese drivers but also underscored the community’s support for motorsport. Virtu Ferries facilitated the team’s travel to Sicily, while John Bull Garage provided essential discounts on tires and safety equipment, ensuring the drivers were well-prepared and equipped for the challenges of the race.

As the championship takes a summer break, the next round is scheduled for October 5th and 6th. With the Maltese drivers’ recent successes, another round of exceptional performances is expected. This ongoing championship not only fosters a spirit of competition but also strengthens the passion and commitment that fuels these drivers to excel internationally.

All these results coming from various disciplines in motorsport shows that even a small island with lack of practice can produce top-tier talent capable of competing with the best.

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