Maltese Drivers Ready for Action at the Time Attack Sicilia in Racalmuto

Maltese Motorsport Talent is Ready to Bring Results Again

For over 15 years, this event has been a staple in the motorsport calendar, drawing enthusiasts and racers alike to the renowned racing circuit nestled in the stunning Valley of the Temples.

One of the most exciting aspects of this weekend’s event is the presence of a formidable contingent from Malta, poised to bring more results. From classic Fiat 500s and iconic Minis to high-performance beasts like Mitsubishi EVOs, Subaru Imprezas, Nissan GTRs, Lotus, Hondas, and the impressive 3.4-liter Ginetta, Maltese racers are set to make their mark in various classes and categories.

The Maltese competitors have been making waves in the Time Attack Sicilia championship, consistently delivering impressive results and pushing the limits of their machines. With a diverse range of cars and drivers, each bringing their own unique style to the track.

Among the highlights of the Maltese lineup is the presence of the Ginetta, a true powerhouse known for its performance. With its potent 3.4-liter engine and race-tuned chassis, this formidable machine is sure to turn heads and set blistering lap times as it tears through the challenging Racalmuto circuit.

With the backdrop of the historic Valley of the Temples lending an aura of grandeur to the proceedings, Time Attack Sicilia – Round 3 promises yet again a weekend of racing, and celebration of pure Maltese motorsport talent.

Maltese Drivers Ready for Action at the Time Attack Sicilia in Racalmuto

Johann Spiteri Secures Victory in Round 3

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