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Maltese Karting Talents Brave Adverse Conditions at ROK Cup Championship Italy

Four young Maltese karting drivers competed again at the challenging track of the ROK Cup Championship Italy, held on the 9th and 10th of March at Franciacorta Track in Italy. Despite unfavourable weather conditions, Jessica Calleja, Morgan Zammit, Benji Borg Irimia, and Benjamin Westwood demonstrated remarkable determination throughout the competition.

Jessica Calleja faced a weekend of trials and perseverance in the Mini ROK Class. Battling through a field of 54 competitors amidst wet and windy conditions, Calleja maintained a commendable pace despite encountering challenges such as contact in Heat 2 and the final race. Despite these setbacks, she displayed her strong character, promising a stronger comeback for the upcoming ROK Cup Round 2 at Pista Azzurra.

Meanwhile, Morgan Zammit tackled the demanding circuit for the first time with enthusiasm. Despite the fluctuating weather conditions, Zammit showcased versatility, excelling in both wet and dry setups. His performance throughout the week earned him notable positions, including a remarkable second place in the Under 10 category during the final race, despite an unfortunate accident that led to his retirement due to safety concerns.

Benjamin Borg Irimia’s journey at the ROK Cup Championship Italy was marred by significant engine problems, leading to his inability to finish most of the races. Despite encountering obstacles beyond his control, Borg Irimia persevered, finishing 25th overall, albeit receiving a lower ranking due to penalties.

In the Mini ROK Class, Benjamin Westwood demonstrated commendable progress, climbing to the 11th place during races. Despite facing challenges, Westwood maintained his determination, finishing the day in the 25th place overall, showcasing his potential for future competitions.

The Maltese drivers’ participation in the ROK Cup Championship Italy not only highlighted their individual talents but also emphasized their commitment and training progress in the face of adversity. Their experiences serve as a testament to the competitive spirit and determination prevalent within the Maltese karting community, inspiring future generations of racers to pursue their passion for motorsport with unwavering dedication.

Maltese Karting Talents Brave Adverse Conditions at ROK Cup Championship Italy

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