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Maltese Riders Shine at Concordia

More success on two wheels by Maltese riders

Continuing their streak of impressive performances on two wheels, Maltese riders once again made a mark on the international racing scene. Last weekend, a team of Maltese riders, supported by Muturi Malta, travelled to Concordia and returned home with podium finishes, highlighting their talent and dedication to the sport.

Concordia Race Results

The Concordia event was another proof of skill and pure talent of Maltese riders. In the highly competitive expert 1000 class, Reuben Zammit clinched victory, proving his exceptional racing abilities. Similarly, in the expert 600 class, Ryan Faenza emerged triumphant, further cementing the reputation of Maltese riders internationally.

The Maltese contingent was not limited to just these two classes. Other riders, including non-Maltese residents of Malta, participated in various rookie classes, demonstrating the depth and talent within the Maltese racing community.

Upcoming Events: Vallelunga and Mugello

The journey of these riders is far from over. Next weekend, they will head to Vallelunga for another exciting track event. This upcoming race presents yet another opportunity for Maltese riders to continue bringing results internationally.

Additionally, the following month will see these riders participating in non-competitive events at the renowned Mugello circuit in Italy. These events will provide valuable experience and exposure, contributing to their development and preparation for future competitive races.

Competing on foreign tracks poses significant challenges for Maltese riders. The lack of practice time on these tracks, combined with the financial strain of travel and participation, makes their achievements even more remarkable. Despite these hurdles, the Maltese riders continue to excel, driven by their passion for the sport and will to succeed.

The recent successes of Maltese riders at Concordia, coupled with their upcoming engagements in Vallelunga and Mugello, underscore the talent and dedication present in Malta’s motorsport community. As they continue to compete and achieve, these riders not only bring pride to their nation but also inspire the next generation of motorsport enthusiasts in Malta.

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