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Mark Farrugia Unveils Revamped Escort Gladiator

Local motorsport enthusiasts were treated to an exciting announcement as renowned driver Mark Farrugia revealed his revamped Escort Gladiator on social media. After months of meticulous work and dedication, Farrugia proudly showcased his iconic vehicle’s new chassis, engine setup, and fresh look.

In his social media post, Farrugia expressed his immense pride in the transformation, stating, “After months of work and dedication, the Gladiator is back with a new chassis and engine setup and a fresh new look! This has been something I wanted to do for a long time and I am really proud with how everything turned out. Looking forward to some testing in the coming weeks to get it dialed in for the night event.”

The unveiling of the upgraded Escort Gladiator has generated a buzz in the local motorsport community. Fans and fellow drivers alike are eagerly anticipating the upcoming tests, where Farrugia will fine-tune the vehicle in preparation for an upcoming night event. The excitement is palpable as everyone looks forward to seeing the Gladiator in action on the track.

Mark Farrugia also took the opportunity to extend his heartfelt gratitude to everyone who contributed to the project. “I would like to thank everyone involved in making this possible. I appreciate all your help!” he wrote, accompanied by the hashtag #TheGladiatorisback, symbolizing his appreciation and enthusiasm.

The revitalized Escort Gladiator not only marks a significant personal achievement for Farrugia but also promises performances in future events. As the testing phase approaches, Farrugia and his Gladiator are ready to bring results through hard work and passion.

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Mark Farrugia Unveils Revamped Escort Gladiator

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Mark Farrugia Unveils Revamped Escort Gladiator

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