MDRA Launches into the Season with Fresh Visual Identity

In the recent kick-off to the racing season after delays with the motorsport insurance, the Malta Drag Racing Association (MDRA) has unveiled a captivating new logo, setting the stage for an exhilarating chapter in the world of drag racing. Accompanied by a heartfelt statement, the MDRA expressed gratitude for the unwavering support it has received from the racing community and fans.

The statement reads, “As we kick-off this exciting season, we express our gratitude for your continuous support. MDRA – Drag Racing Series, Malta’s one and only Drag strip.”

The new logo, marked by its bold and modern design, not only signifies a visual transformation but also encapsulates the dynamic spirit of drag racing.

This unveiling not only marks a moment of visual rebranding for MDRA but also reinforces the association’s commitment to delivering top-notch drag racing experiences in Malta. With the new logo as the face of the Drag Racing Series, MDRA invites everyone to join in the excitement, showing appreciation for the past and embracing the anticipation of what promises to be a spectacular season ahead.