MMF Announces Accelerating Progress Towards Hal Far Motorsport Park

In a significant stride towards realizing its vision of a world-class motorsport facility, the Malta Motorsport Federation (MMF) has announced pivotal advancements in its collaboration with Trakbak Motorsport, owners of the renowned Santa Pod Raceway. The partnership, cultivated over the past few years, stands as a cornerstone in the ongoing upgrade of the Hal Far Motorsport Park’s dragstrip, with Trakbak Motorsport’s invaluable expertise playing a central role in steering the project towards fruition.

A key milestone in this collaborative effort is the forthcoming visit of Trakbak Motorsport’s representatives, alongside the esteemed design team from Driven, to Malta. Their joint mission: to finalize the essential homologation dossier required for submission to the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) for approval. This pivotal step underscores the meticulous planning and strategic coordination essential for ensuring the dragstrip’s compliance with international standards.

As discussions transition from the planning phase to implementation, the focus now shifts towards equipping staff with the necessary training and upgrading essential equipment to align with the project’s objectives. The MMF extends heartfelt appreciation to the past and present committee members of the Malta Drag Racing Association (MDRA) for their unwavering cooperation, recognizing their invaluable contributions to the project’s success.

Recent developments also include the commencement of comprehensive surveys across the entire project area earmarked for the three phases of development, encompassing the dragstrip, karting track, and circuit. This extensive undertaking, expected to span approximately three weeks, will furnish crucial data to inform the finalization of design blueprints. Of particular significance is the meticulous scrutiny of the dragstrip’s foundations, necessitated by the relocation of the start line by 60 meters and the track’s longstanding presence. These insights will guide necessary upgrades to optimize track performance and safety standards.

Excitement mounts as clearing works progress swiftly, with the first area cleared of debris set for completion imminently. Simultaneously, efforts have commenced to clear a second area behind the karting track, paving the way for the relocation of entities to facilitate the construction of the facility’s infrastructure. Concurrently, meticulous drafting of Bills of Quantities (BOQs) for the dragstrip upgrade is underway, bolstered by the acquisition of the full development permit.

The MMF remains committed to fostering transparency and engagement, pledging to provide regular updates to keep enthusiasts abreast of the project’s developments. With momentum building and collaboration flourishing, the transformation of Hal Far Motorsport Park into a premier motorsport destination inches closer to realization, heralding a new era of exhilarating racing experiences in Malta. Stay tuned for further updates as the project unfolds its next chapter.