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MMF Introduction Course for Volunteers Kicked Off Today

This course aims to equip attendees with a solid foundation in the various roles necessary for the successful execution of motorsport events.

The Malta Motorsport Federation has launched its Introduction Course for Volunteers today, marking a significant step in bolstering the support system for motorsport events in Malta. The event was opened by Vice President William England, emphasizing the crucial role volunteers play in the success of motorsport events.

Insights from Experienced Officials

The course features experienced marshals sharing their invaluable insights with the attendees. These seasoned professionals have been pivotal in ensuring the smooth operation of past events, and their participation promises to enrich the learning experience for new volunteers.

Charles Dingli & Gilbert Abela: The Scrutineer’s Perspective

Charles Dingli, a veteran in the Maltese motorsport scene with over 30 years of experience, provided a comprehensive overview of a scrutineer’s role. He highlighted the evolution of safety standards from his early days to the present, noting the increased complexity and importance of adhering to national and international regulations.

They explained that a scrutineer’s primary responsibility is to ensure that competing vehicles comply with technical regulations, which promote both safety and fair play. He reassured attendees that while engineering experience is beneficial, it is not mandatory to become a scrutineer. A keen interest in motorsport and a basic understanding of vehicle mechanics are sufficient foundations, with further knowledge acquired through training and experience.

Adrian Figallo: Stewarding in Motorsport and the role of Race Director

Adrian Figallo spoke about the duties of stewards, who are essential in enforcing rules and making decisions on disputes. At the national and regional levels, stewards also represent the FIA/ASN, the governing body of motorsport. Figallo highlighted the heavy responsibility stewards bear, as their decisions can have far-reaching consequences. Proper stewardship requires not only a deep understanding of the rules but also adherence to a code of ethics and behaviour that commands respect and acceptance.

Figallo addressed the critical duties of a race director, the individual responsible for overseeing practice sessions, qualifying rounds, and the race itself. Working closely with the Clerk of the Course and the Chief Steward, the race director ensures that the event runs according to schedule, monitors track safety, manages the use of the safety car, and has the authority to stop or suspend races if necessary. Figallo emphasized the race director’s responsibility for the safety of both marshals and drivers.

Joe Formosa: Importance of Time Keeping

Joe Formosa discussed the crucial role of time keeping in motorsport events. Accurate timing is essential for determining race outcomes and ensuring fair competition.

Mandy Micallef: The Secretary of the Event

Mandy Micallef elaborated on the comprehensive duties of the secretary of the event, who is the central point for all data collection before, during, and after an event. From handling applications and permits to managing checklists and result sheets, the secretary ensures the smooth flow of information and documentation, critical for the event’s success.

Beppe Aquilina: Responsibilities of Racecourse Marshals

The final talk is delivered by Beppe Aquilina, who outlines the responsibilities of racecourse marshals in detail. These volunteers are the eyes and ears of their sections, tasked with adhering to race regulations and being the first responders to any incidents on the track.

A Solid Foundation for Future Events

This course aims to equip attendees with a solid foundation in the various roles necessary for the successful execution of motorsport events. The MMF underscores that without the dedication and expertise of these volunteers, the dreams of drivers would remain unfulfilled. Through this initiative, the MMF continues to foster a robust support network for motorsport in Malta, ensuring future events run smoothly and safely.

MMF Introduction Course for Volunteers Kicked Off Today

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MMF Introduction Course for Volunteers Kicked Off Today

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