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MMF Receives Green Light for Upgrades at Hal Far Raceway

In a significant development for motorsport enthusiasts across Malta, the Malta Planning Authority has granted approval for extensive upgrades to the MDRA Raceway in Hal Far. The decision marks a pivotal moment for the Malta Motorsport Federation as they strive to elevate the racing experience to international standards while prioritizing safety and spectator comfort.

Key among the approved upgrades is the relocation of the control tower and starting point, moving them back by 60 meters to meet international length requirements. This move is crucial in ensuring that the facility aligns with global standards, enhancing the competitiveness and attractiveness of races held there.

Moreover, the safety measures are set to undergo a comprehensive overhaul, with upgraded safety walls flanking both sides of the track and the introduction of safety fencing. These enhancements aim to bolster the protection of drivers and spectators alike, underscoring the MMF’s commitment to prioritizing safety across all aspects of racing events.

Perhaps most excitingly, the project includes the construction of a state-of-the-art tower equipped with a modern motorsport control room. This facility will not only feature cutting-edge technology for race management but also accommodate media needs with a dedicated media room. Additionally, facilities for scrutineering, driver briefings, and equipment storage will be revamped, ensuring seamless operations during events.

Jonathan Bruno, Secretary of the Malta Motorsport Federation, expressed his enthusiasm for the project, highlighting its significance in propelling the Hal Far Motorsport Hub into a new era. He emphasized that the upgrades are not limited to the drag racing circuit alone but also extend to the Karting track and the overall motorsport complex.

Furthermore, the inclusion of amenities such as showers, sanitation facilities, and improved utilities in the paddock underscores the MMF’s commitment to providing a comprehensive and comfortable experience for participants and spectators alike.

Once completed, the upgraded facility is poised to attain FIA homologation, affirming its status as the premier drag racing venue in the Mediterranean. With these enhancements, the Malta Motorsport Federation is poised to attract top-tier racing events, further solidifying Malta’s position on the global motorsport map.

As preparations continue with promising momentum, anticipation builds among the motorsport community for the unveiling of the revamped Hal Far Racing Circuit. The MMF’s dedication to excellence ensures that Malta’s motorsport enthusiasts have much to look forward to in the near future.

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